Scenario Design: Assigning Activation Points

(Photo above) The British commanders of Operation Husky planning their operations in Malta, left to right: The Chief of Staff to General Montgomery, Major General F W de Guingand; Senior Air Staff Officer to Air Vice Marshal Broadhurst, Air Commodore C B R Pelly; Air Officer Commanding Desert Air Force, Air Vice Marshal H Broadhurst;… Continue reading Scenario Design: Assigning Activation Points

GBoWWII Game Reference Chart, version 5

I made this chart with several goals in mind: Consolidate all the most important charts used in one page (with the additional night, dawn and explanatory items on a second page). The GB rules charts rambled over numerous pages and some seemed unclear to me. Put the charts in Turn Sequence order. That helps me… Continue reading GBoWWII Game Reference Chart, version 5

Free PDF e-Book replay of Agira with lots of pictures!

I produced a very detailed replay of an Agira battle that lasted 4 game days and was down to the wire. The description will give you an idea of how the game is played and why I think it is more realistic than most rulesets. While this scenario is relatively small with two regiments, there… Continue reading Free PDF e-Book replay of Agira with lots of pictures!

Malta Invasion, A What-If Scenario from Drop Zone

We played the German and Italian invasion of Malta which is a large scenario from Drop Zone, the 2nd booklet of the Bruce McFarlane’s Great Battles of WWII series. I made up custom terrain for the battle: styrofoam cut to the shape of the island with painted roads, laid on 4×8′ plywood. You can see… Continue reading Malta Invasion, A What-If Scenario from Drop Zone

Bruce Weigle’s Nice Terrain Tables

June 2, 2014, My terrain is much simpler than Bruce’s featured below. My emphasis is on flexibility rather than diorama-like beauty. I use a “European Fields” Hotz Mat over styrofoam “hill” contours. You can see a play-by-play of a game using this terrain in a Free eBook pdf (30 mini-pages) found here. August 24, 2013,… Continue reading Bruce Weigle’s Nice Terrain Tables