Malta Invasion, A What-If Scenario from Drop Zone

We played the German and Italian invasion of Malta which is a large scenario from Drop Zone, the 2nd booklet of the Bruce McFarlane’s Great Battles of WWII series. I made up custom terrain for the battle: styrofoam cut to the shape of the island with painted roads, laid on 4×8′ plywood. You can see… Continue reading Malta Invasion, A What-If Scenario from Drop Zone

Bruce Weigle’s Nice Terrain Tables

June 2, 2014, My terrain is much simpler than Bruce’s featured below. My emphasis is on flexibility rather than diorama-like beauty. I use a “European Fields” Hotz Mat over styrofoam “hill” contours. You can see a play-by-play of a game using this terrain in a Free eBook pdf (30 mini-pages) found here. August 24, 2013,… Continue reading Bruce Weigle’s Nice Terrain Tables