Great Battles of World War II Introduction

Great Battles of World War II is a ruleset by Bruce McFarlane where each stand represents a company so a player will generally command a 1-2 regiments (each 2-4 battalions). Scale varies by scenario 150-200 yards per inch and 15-240 minutes per turn. With 8-10 turns per ‘day’, many scenarios allow for 2 or more… Continue reading Great Battles of World War II Introduction

Milne Bay, New Guinea Scenario

(Photo above) Australian troops at Milne Bay As of 9/29/15 I am working on a multi-day scenario of the pivotal battle of Milne Bay in New Guinea during August-September 1942 between the Japanese and the Australians (mostly; a few US troops also). This was the first battle where the Japanese were stopped and thrown back… Continue reading Milne Bay, New Guinea Scenario

Scenario Design: Assigning Activation Points

(Photo above) The British commanders of Operation Husky planning their operations in Malta, left to right: The Chief of Staff to General Montgomery, Major General F W de Guingand; Senior Air Staff Officer to Air Vice Marshal Broadhurst, Air Commodore C B R Pelly; Air Officer Commanding Desert Air Force, Air Vice Marshal H Broadhurst;… Continue reading Scenario Design: Assigning Activation Points

GBoWWII Game Reference Chart, version 5

I made this chart with several goals in mind: Consolidate all the most important charts used in one page (with the additional night, dawn and explanatory items on a second page). The GB rules charts rambled over numerous pages and some seemed unclear to me. Put the charts in Turn Sequence order. That helps me… Continue reading GBoWWII Game Reference Chart, version 5