Free e-Books on Terrain

Two free e-books on terrain. A.  I made an e-book on making Flexible wargame terrain for Civil War battles — although the same concepts can be used for World War II and other eras. Click MakingWargameTerrainEbook,_small for a free eBook (725kbs) or instead click for larger version MakingWargameTerrainEbook (print-ready version 6mbs in size). The purpose… Continue reading Free e-Books on Terrain

More Judges Guild links

I did a Podcast with the Save or Die folks and can be found at And my author page for my Kindle/Print-On Demand editions of the the 3rd version of my Judges Guild: A Cautionary Tale book is Sire, strange stuff’s seen situated upon Bob & Bill’s super swag site: Of course,… Continue reading More Judges Guild links

CD & John Holtz

NOTE: eventually I will move all my Command Decision-related postings to this permanent WordPress blog under the link of: (category: Command Decision: Test of Battle). Then I will close down the current page where you will find CD posts: …so see that g-design page for now. In the meantime, you will also find detailed… Continue reading CD & John Holtz


Photo is of Naval Wargamers playing Fletcher Pratts’ rules in his NYC apartment in 1938. In Pratt’s game one estimates firing range; GQ3 does not require that. Here are some ideas and play aids for new players of General Quarters version 3, GQ3, which was released fall 2006. You can buy the GQ3 rules at… Continue reading Ships