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I have moved most of my  & blogspot pages of game design accessories, play aids & variants to my blog, which means that for the time being you may find some Categories (the links at the left of each blog page) incomplete here or in some cases new posts are only here.

If you are a wargame fan, just bookmark and eventually you will see the latest versions of all items here.

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Game Design

Since 1978, Game Design is the name of the business I started after selling my half of Judges Guild. I then produced a travel-related boardgame called Going Places that I sold 5,000 of before going back to Franklin Travel full time. However I have maintained  Game Design as a sideline to sell odds and ends while producing lots of free play aids for favorite games.


Free World War II wargame play aids:

Free Civil War wargame play aids:

Judges Guild history & updates: