Great Battles of WWII’s Agira, set-up and resolution

Here I illustrate Great Battles of WWII: a game’s set up, its play and resolution. The scenario, Agira, comes from the first volume in the series, Canadians In Europe. This focus may not sound interesting to other nationalities. The game system is uniquely effective for giving a realistic look at how combat operations were conducted… Continue reading Great Battles of WWII’s Agira, set-up and resolution

ICD Tractics Situations

Here are photos of various 1:87th scale miniature wargames we played from 1970-1974 using the Tractics ruleset. The main period was while we were in high school 1970-1972 and during that the games were almost weekly. Most (perhaps 70!) were planned scenarios, situations, as opposed to sort of thrown-together games (which we derisively called “slop… Continue reading ICD Tractics Situations

Hidden Movement System

In the 20th century a battlefield became “empty”, at least at first glance. All sides made great efforts at concealment and even when field works were visible, camouflage and “dummy” positions misdirected the enemy while smoke was used to conceal movement. So it’s natural that gamers wanting “realism” would strive to allow the defender to… Continue reading Hidden Movement System

Free e-Books on Terrain

Two free e-books on terrain. A.  I made an e-book on making Flexible wargame terrain for Civil War battles — although the same concepts can be used for World War II and other eras. Click MakingWargameTerrainEbook,_small for a free eBook (725kbs) or instead click for larger version MakingWargameTerrainEbook (print-ready version 6mbs in size). The purpose… Continue reading Free e-Books on Terrain

D-Day Hex Map Series

Update: a digital version of the entire 10 maps described below in one giant map is now available on Wargame Vault. You can then print out a portion (enlarged or smaller than the POD editions below) or the whole map without having to tape them together. Probably cheaper at your local Staples, Fed Ex/Kinkos or… Continue reading D-Day Hex Map Series