SCOW club near Montevideo

The 5.9″ gun from Graf Spee is shown above. In the monthly issue of “All Guns Blazing of the NAVAL WARGAMES SOCIETY, I post this mention to those wargamers of military history buffs thinking of visiting Uruguay by air or sea: Uruguay, SCOW, an acronym standing for Southern Cone Orientales Wargamers  Frequency: Games erupt, inquire to set one… Continue reading SCOW club near Montevideo


Photo is of Naval Wargamers playing Fletcher Pratts’ rules in his NYC apartment in 1938. In Pratt’s game one estimates firing range; GQ3 does not require that. Here are some ideas and play aids for new players of General Quarters version 3, GQ3, which was released fall 2006. You can buy the GQ3 rules at… Continue reading Ships