More Judges Guild links

I did a Podcast with the Save or Die folks and can be found at And my author page for my Kindle/Print-On Demand editions of the the 3rd version of my Judges Guild: A Cautionary Tale book is Sire, strange stuff’s seen situated upon Bob & Bill’s super swag site: Of course,… Continue reading More Judges Guild links

ICD, “Middle Earth”: Judges Guild’s precursors

This is about Judges Guild’s precursors and documents the early days of US wargaming: our local club fanzines, ICD News & A-Elim, 1970-1974 powered by teenage energy and an abundant lack of wisdom and Bob Bledsaw’s Middle Earth D&D Campaign 1974-1976. ICD ran officially from 1968-2011 and was variously known at Illinois Central Dictatorship, I… Continue reading ICD, “Middle Earth”: Judges Guild’s precursors