As the day approaches that games releases Frank Chadwick’s WWII battalion-per-stand¬†Breakthrough¬†ruleset. I have been thinking about how to make my stands work without the usual text-heavy Unit ID & Combat Factors that are typically used. And avoid giant markers like dice, disks and counters. I really want to doing traditional miniature game terrain rather… Continue reading Breakthrough

WWII rules

Category: “Good”. Since You Asked… Hardly a day goes by when a new member on a Facebook group asks, “What’s a good WWII ruleset?” And so without his giving any more parameters than “good”, some of us will respond with just a name… often also without any guidance as to why we like it and… Continue reading WWII rules

Volley & Bayonet

vbv2_grcn_2pgvbv2_grcn_a4vbv2_grcn_tabloidVolley & Bayonet was designed by Frank Chadwick and now-deceased Greg Novak for whole battles between 1700 to 1900. This long range of battles are simulated with a common core set of rules and period-specific additions of modifiers and rules. The advantage is that you can play a wide range of epic battles not just… Continue reading Volley & Bayonet

More Judges Guild links

I did a Podcast with the Save or Die folks and can be found at And my author page for my Kindle/Print-On Demand editions of the the 3rd version of my Judges Guild: A Cautionary Tale book is Sire, strange stuff’s seen situated upon Bob & Bill’s super swag site: Of course,… Continue reading More Judges Guild links

Great Battles of World War II Introduction

Great Battles of World War II is a ruleset by Bruce McFarlane where each stand represents a company so a player will generally command a 1-2 regiments (each 2-4 battalions). Scale varies by scenario 150-200 yards per inch and 15-240 minutes per turn. With 8-10 turns per ‘day’, many scenarios allow for 2 or more… Continue reading Great Battles of World War II Introduction