Great Battles of WWII’s Agira, set-up and resolution

Here I illustrate Great Battles of WWII: a game’s set up, its play and resolution. The scenario, Agira, comes from the first volume in the series, Canadians In Europe. This focus may not sound interesting to other nationalities. The game system is uniquely effective for giving a realistic look at how combat operations were conducted… Continue reading Great Battles of WWII’s Agira, set-up and resolution

WWII rules

Category: “Good”. Since You Asked… Hardly a day goes by when a new member on a Facebook group asks, “What’s a good WWII ruleset?” And so without his giving any more parameters than “good”, some of us will respond with just a name… often also without any guidance as to why we like it and… Continue reading WWII rules

Free e-Books on Terrain

Two free e-books on terrain. A.  I made an e-book on making Flexible wargame terrain for Civil War battles — although the same concepts can be used for World War II and other eras. Click MakingWargameTerrainEbook,_small for a free eBook (725kbs) or instead click for larger version MakingWargameTerrainEbook (print-ready version 6mbs in size). The purpose… Continue reading Free e-Books on Terrain