CD Company Stands

In 2009 I tested a concept of having larger units than a game system envisioned “mounted” lightly on steel sabot stands. Namely, vehicle miniatures that would each represent a platoon in Command Decision┬ámagnetized to be placed on a sabot so they could plucked as each became a casualty or one left behind on “overwatch” as… Continue reading CD Company Stands

WWII rules

Category: “Good”. Since You Asked… Hardly a day goes by when a new member on a Facebook group asks, “What’s a good WWII ruleset?” And so without his giving any more parameters than “good”, some of us will mention a name… often also without any guidance as to why or how we like it. Yet,… Continue reading WWII rules

Hidden Movement System

In the 20th century a battlefield became “empty”, at least at first glance. All sides made great efforts at concealment and even when field works were visible, camouflage and “dummy” positions misdirected the enemy while smoke was used to conceal movement. So it’s natural that gamers wanting “realism” would strive to allow the defender to… Continue reading Hidden Movement System