About me

Bill Owen

Tour group designer, as a travel agent since 1972: origination, sales to leaders & organizations, research & planning, costing & pricing, fliers & web bookings, tracking & operation, archive & cloning; 1992 American Express Global Travel Award winner; co-owner of Franklin Travel from 1974-2003. Tour Group LLC group design automation and help planning tour groups from idea, costing, proposal, brochure and booking on line at a responsive site.

Olive grove farmer since 2014, Uruguay.

Wargaming since 1965, I was a founding partner in 1976 of Judges Guild, fantasy play aids publisher for D&D and other game systems. I sold my half of the company in 1978. A fan of the miniature wargame rules, Command Decision, since its 1st edition in 1991, I have made several play aids for CD and another Frank Chadwick game, Volley & Bayonet. Other favorites: Great Battles of World War II, General Quarters 3 and Nuts!  I am on CD’s http://www.testofbattle.com forum, the Facebook groups: Naval Wargaming, 6mm Wargaming; plus Yahoo groups for the various rule sets that I follow.

I have custom-designed and led wargamers’ battlefield tours. In Europe 1991’s Millennium of Mayhem with James F Dunnigan & Al Nofi, 1997’s Tanks for the Memories, 2003’s Wargame Your Way Across Europe & 2010’s Tour of Battle: France & Belgium Battlefields with Al Nofi, then 2011-2015’s Civil War Train on vintage private train cars to Civil War battlefields.