January 18, 2019 Update:

We have released a 2nd Wargamer Tour for 2019: CIVIL WAR KENTUCKY. Please click on the same WargamerTour.com link for that as well. This is a motorcoach tour originating in Chicago and passing through Central Illinois to Cairo, the southernmost town in Illinois, Missouri & Kentucky.



December 2, 2018 Update:
We have released the 2019 WargamerTour.com, the map for which is immediately below. The name for the upcoming tour is Weapons of World War II & D-Day (the 75th anniversary year!) The following was written in fall 2017 when planning the 2018 edition which was a big success.

Map of the route for 2019 WargamerTour.com. One can join fellow wargamers and military history fans for the whole tour or just for the first segment in England only or the second segment in France only.

Written in August 2017 before the 2018 WargamerTour

My business for over 45 years now has to plan and operate tour groups. Many of them are custom itineraries designed for people with special interests. One of the most specialized has been based on military history and for wargamers (naturally). So having started in 1991 with Strategy & Tactics designers, James F. Dunnigan and Al Nofi as co-host of that year’s Millennium of Mayhem, I have since designed and overseen thirteen more such tours. You can find more at my company blog (click).

I’m at it again and we are putting together a tour for 2018 to France, Belgium and the Netherlands. You can see more about that tour specifically here (click).

I invite you to join us! We will have several wargamers (including one that’s being planned in Arnhem, the site of The Bridge Too Far), visits to battlefields, excellent museums and of course, camaraderie with other wargamers. Each tour is unique and will not be repeated, so don’t miss it.

The date will either be in latter half of May or July, 2018.

If interested please answer a quick survey, no obligation or follow-up unless if you want to here more…

Just 10 quick questions that should take about a minute. Tell us about your preferences and suggestions. Just click on this link:


Answering the survey gives us valuable feedback. You need not give us any contact information but can subscribe to hear more by email. So you can see if the tour appeals to you.

The full map is shown below. Details are subject to change.

Update as of March 5, 2018

The tour has 10 people booked which is enough to “go” and we could accommodate 3 to 5 more depending on whether they are single or twin rooms. Right now we have a gamer who needs a roommate, so if you join him you save the “single room supplement”. Click for more about the tour: WargamerTour.com.



I design these tours from an olive grove in Uruguay:

At left is an olive tree with its first year of blooms. Because the trees needed to put more energy into growth, we pulled off about 10 million blooms that year. In the middle is an overview of the grove shaped like a “7” with 3400 trees. At right are olive trees in the background and in the foreground, weeds I call Networking Plants because they seem to send out roots to grow more… before most were mowed down (except for on the rows between trees).
Click here for more about both WargamerTour.com tours in 2019.

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