D-Day Hex Map Series

Wargame Campaign of Normandy

Over 7 years, I drew in Adobe Illustrator (10) full color maps of 91 miles of Normandy bridgehead area including the Cotentin Peninsula. This is from the tip of Cap de la Hague on the west coast of Cotentin to Caen and Troarn on the east edge of the beachhead area… 18-36 miles deep and 30-70 miles wide. This covers virtually all of the battles of the first 7 weeks of the invasion and build-up.

Here I am standing next to the whole series of maps in the 600 meter/hex scale. This is the most area mapped and the largest area

These were originally designed as Campaign maps for Command Decision 3 at a scale of 1 kilometer per 5/8″ hex. I can’t see anything in the latest (4th) version, CD TOB, that would make these maps obsolete. They are very detailed so you can make up miniature battle terrain for one-off battles or campaigns. Based on a Michelin 1947 road map with 3 levels of roads, town blocks & names, rivers, beaches (low & high tide lines), gridded hexes PLUS tons of info added: 20-meter contours, with ship ranges, forts, forests, swamps, drop/beach zones, bocage areas. Drawn with Adobe Illustrator in dozens of “layers” and I originally printed the 13×19″ maps myself (each of the 10 maps represent approx. 12×18 miles in area). I found that heavy use of my inkjet printer wore it out (Epson 1520; then an Epson 1280).

After having to buy a new printer, I discovered Cafe Press and the Print on Demand concept. I joined forces with my Judges Guild co-founder, Bob Bledsaw, to make these maps available in a Cafe Press store called Judges Guild. The maps are available on line in 3 different scales and sizes: (note that standard boardgame hexes are 5/8″ or .625″)

A Nice Kudo

Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 16:17:40 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Re: Omaha map comments
Very impressive job on the map. I have to admit that most of the time when I look at a terrain map covering a WW II battle any more I am inclined to mentally superimpose a 6′ x 12′ CD table template over it as a means of gauging the trafficability. It’s just a mental scaling exercise that gives me a frame of reference. “What would this look like on a CD table?” It’s very nice having that already done. Excellent work.
Frank Chadwick [Designer of Command Decision]

Monty & Erwin: Campaign With Confidence

The other nice feedback I’ve gotten is that I cannot remember any one asking for their money back but good to know that with CafePress Satisfaction Is Guaranteed anyway. If you don’t want to order on the web, you can call Cafe Press. Shipping costs vary by speed of delivery desired. CafePress occasionally has sales (mentioned on the top of their site) so that might give you 10% off or similar.

Click for how to order http://www.cafepress.com/judgesguild/310224


There are different sized sets of D-Day Maps in 4 scales ranging from 300 meters to 1 mile per hex.

300 Meters Per Hex

The latest, 4th, is different than the other 3 in that it covers much less ground: 300 meters per hex and 1/4 the real area of the other 3 map series. You can see the area covered below (just 5 of the 10 maps).

The 300-meter-per-hex series just covers the area of the beaches.

Important notes on the 300 meter set: It was designed for Mein Panzer players who requested it because of their game scale of 25 meters/inch and utilizing Geohex (12″ wide hexes) thus 300 meters per Geohex. The map numbers correspond to the series 1-3 maps below. The 4th series above are really just the immediate area behind the beaches covering only one quarter of the North-South map area of series 1-3. The other oddity is that series 4 has two 17×22″ maps to be placed side by side (called Map A & B). The 2 maps are printed vertically because Cafe Press only has 23×35″ maps not 17×44″! So you cut them apart and if you buy all 5 in series 4, you’ll end up with a 17×220″ (1.5×19 feet!)

1 Mile, 1 Kilometer or 600 Meters Per Hex

The 3 scales’ (where each hex covers either 1 mile, 1 kilometer or 600 meters) map series cover much more area than the 300-meter-per-hex series. The yellow outlines are the edges of the maps. Notice how one must buy map 9 to get the bit that fits on map 7.

The following sets of 3 map scales, in 600-meter, 1-kilometer and 1-mile hexes cover much more terrain (than the 300 meter scale) as follows:

  1. The one-kilometer-per-hex was originally designed for Command Decision or Spearhead. These are the medium size and price of these 3 scales.
  2. One mile-per-hex for Great Battles, Rommel (both being company-per-stand) or Division Commander (or another battalion-per-stand size ruleset). This is the smallest and thus cheapest maps (it also has the largest hex size).
  3. The 600 Meters per hex was for a more skirmish oriented ruleset that I’ve forgotten the name of! It’s also great for CD players with Geohex and 50 meters per inch scaled games though. These are huge maps and so the most expensive. All together they are gargantuan, the largest hex mapping of Normandy known to Gaming Man! All 10 maps in series, cover a wall 69×160″ (L-shaped): almost 6×13 feet.

The snippets below show the same area around Ouistreham in various scales so you can see how the hex size encompasses differing amounts of terrain.

Snippet of map #6, area around Ouistreham showing hex size:





600 Meters/hex:


300 Meters/hex:


Summary of the 4 series

Click for how to order http://www.cafepress.com/judgesguild/310224

Map Name
Mein Panzer Geohex
(12″ wide terrain hexes x 25m)
CD Geohex
(12″ wide terrain hexes x 50m) or Skirmish
CD (or Spearhead)
Great Battles (or Rommel, Division Commander, BBoWWIIB)
Hex Size
300 Meters
600 Meters
1 Kilometer
1 Mile
Hex Size on
Map Size
Image area
(2) 17×22″
Heavyweight 7 mil semi-gloss paper using superior dye inks
Heavyweight 7 mil semi-gloss paper using superior dye inks
Heavyweight 7 mil semi-gloss paper using superior dye inks
Glossy, 12 point paper (heaviest of series); like cardstock
See more
LONGEST hex mapping of Normandy beaches known to Gaming Man or Woman! The 5 maps in the series cover a 17×220″ area (1.5×18.5 FEET).
GARGANTUAN, the largest hex mapping of Normandy known to Gaming Man! All 10 maps in series, cover a wall 69×160″ (L-shaped) or 6×13 FEET. Great for HO scale CD with 12″ geohex @50m/inch & skirmish games.
Medium-sized, this is our original, best-selling map set … all 10 Normandy maps fit into a big L-shaped area, 39×96″. Great for games like Command Decision or Spearhead with 1 stand=platoon.
My most compact map set …all 10 Normandy maps, will fit into an L-shaped area 32×79″. Best for gamers with larger battles (like company or battalion per stand) or if on a tight defence budget.

Click for how to order http://www.cafepress.com/judgesguild/310224

Link to US Navy painting at top of the webpage.


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