CD & John Holtz

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In the meantime, you will also find detailed OB and Scenario information for CD at Jeff Glasco’s Gentlemanly Wargaming blog.

The photo is of a game designed by John Holtz.

I met John from the Command Decision Mailer (which was how CD fans communicated before the current forum). Since he lived just 45 minutes west of Decatur in Springfield (where are there several CD gamers still), we would head over to each other’s games. He was a librarian at University of Illinois Springfield, an avid gamer of various periods and made great scenarios with a huge collection of 1/76 troops and tanks. Plus Volley & Bayonet Napoleonic and Civil War.

Here are some photos of some of the games. Unfortunately I don’t have a recollection of the game details.

As I remember it this is one of the Bulge memorial games that John would put on each winter. Steve is sitting in the corner of the lower right picture and helps to continue the annual memorial game.
Russian Front. This may have been the game where I almost ruined my perfect record of avoiding casualties. Actually a major portion of my command left the table suddenly because they wanted to help me maintain my record despite my maneuvering them into a terrible morale check situation.
Same game, a wider view.
John playing “The Most Beautiful Game In The World” at Mark Whitehead’s house.
John really enjoyed the extra feature that I arranged at Poteau, Belgium (where the US Armored Cavalry was badly handled by the Germans in the Bulge) in our Wargamers’ tour “WYWAE” in 2003.
A game involving the British and a rather large built-up area. (The image at the top of the post is of the same game.)


John also put on great Volley & Bayonet games. This one is Dresden and I managed to rout the French Imperial Guard.

Unfortunately, John died in 2004. He was in his forties.

John Holtz sitting in another AFV at Samur on the same WYWAE tour in the summer 2003.

His sister made up the following logo which we used to make memorabilia. All proceeds of various clothing and miscellaneous items with this logo go to the library. It is found at my Judges Guild cafe press site



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