Board Wargames

The photo shows Al Nofi (in the blue shirt) and James F. Dunnigan (in sunglasses) in Masstrict, Belgium during a lunch break on our 1991 Wargamers tour named Millennium of Mayhem. Another hero of my teenage years was Redmond Simonsen but he did not go on the tour. Bob Bledsaw was my roommate and it was his first air flight!

Whether you call them board wargames or conflict simulations (as James F. Dunnigan did perhaps to take away the stigma of the word “war”), at the bottom of the post is a list the remnant of what my buddy, Bob Bledsaw, called the Greatest Collection Known To Gaming Man!

AvalonHill_AH180px_logoMy first wargame I “played” was Avalon’s Hill’s Afrika Korps in 1963 and my job was to roll the dice for my brother. But within a year or two, I had learned them and started the process of recruiting friends to play—the first had to be bribed with a plastic model of a Japanese Betty Bomber! So that started the agony of the AH release schedule of one new game a year.

StrategyTacticsLogov16BThat is, until AH’s The General magazine made mention of a magazine called Strategy & Tactics which I subscribed to and got Bastogne.

SPI_logo_SimulationsPublicationsInc Then several Test Series Games from Poultron Press (the predecessor of SPI, Simulations Publications Inc.)

At its peak, I had several hundred wargames, mostly Avalon Hill and S&T/SPI but they mostly got sold off between about 2008 and 2011 via eBay. That was like a part-time job as I put up about 10-20 most weeks and included hundreds of vintage wargame ‘zines, play aids, miniatures and ephemera from the early days of IFW, Judges Guild and wide variety of other companies products. That process deserves a blog post of its own!

I kept the games I thought I might actually play, especially multi-player for 3-6 people. But only have played one in the last six years. I do have a friend in the big city who’d probably be up for a game but to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, work is the curse of the gaming classes.

Mostly I have played miniature wargames and that is the subject of much of the blog. In the meantime have still made several play aids for some favorite boardgames; those links are below.

Just to keep you on your toes, I have sprinkled in the name of the miniature games rules also; each of those are linked to that rule set’s category in the blog.

The Remnant of the Greatest Collection Known to Gaming Man

Most are for 2 players or teams. An @ symbol means a Multiplayer game showing the range for # of players. There are a few general interest, non-wargames too.

A Boosh (best ever)
A House Divided**
Bananas @2-8
Barbarian Kings @2-5
Bastogne this may actually not have made it here but I just noticed 6 years later!
Black Box
Britannia @3-5
Cauldron Duel (mine and SPI’s)*
Civilization @2-7
Command Decision @2-6 †
Desert Fox
Diplomacy I didn’t bring this but one could make this up very quickly since there is very little to the components @5-7
Eben Emael*
For The People (ACW) this is a gift that managed to make it down via the mail system which here is pretty much rolling for a 1-1 attack on the Avalon Hill CRT
General Quarters @2-6 introductory Graf Spee/River Plate scenario best with 3 players†
Great Battles of World War II @2-6 †
Hitler’s War @2-3
Hurtgen Forest
Kingmaker @2-7
Napoleon At Waterloo*
Nuts! 1-4 †
Panzerarmee Afrika
Paratroop* (3 minigames)
Red Devils*
Spies!* @2-5
Uno 2-10
Upwords @2-4
Volley & Bayonet @2-6 †
World War 1*
West Wall Quad

*In the same box with Spies!
**2 copies & includes magnet counters for NAW & HW
† minis (maximum of 6 is arbitrary, could do with more)


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