Kingmaker: War of the Roses Play Aids

Here are some ideas and an accessories for Kingmaker. A portion of the redone map is pictured above and the full map PDF is linked in the second block of numbered items below.

The Red & White Roses

Starting Royals & Other Basics

I felt that a reference card would be helpful for getting new players into the game, so click KingmakerStartingRoyals for a pdf that covers:

  1. # of Players recommended plus the starting player
  2. Object of the Game
  3. Starting Royals’ locations & line of succession
  4. Parliament votes (used in the time limit game)
  5. Sequences of Player Turn, Battle and Siege
  6. Historical background plus some pictures of the roses

Others’ play aids

Mostly at Boardgame Geek I found other worthy play aids

  1. Defining Kingmaker Rules by Peter Bright, PDF: DefiningKingmakerRules
  2. Kingmaker Variant* & New Grid Coordinate Index, PDF: KingmakerVariant
  3. I have added my Starting Royals info (linked at the top of this post) to a really nicely redone map by Tim Allen, all on an 18×24″ sheet with 1/2″ white border as needed for Short Run Posters (which I describe on my Hitler’s War page) and if you don’t want what I added, you can just cut it off. Note that the map was a bit small for the resolution provided and counter size so caveat emptor. Here is the PDF: KingmakerMapRedoneWithStartingRoyalsEtc
  4. Updated Rules in Word Doc KingMaker
  5. Parliament Vote List, Excel spreadsheet: kingmaker_parliament_votes_v1.3
Tudor Rose

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