Hitler’s War Reworked Map

Here are accessories that fans of the Avalon Hill boardgame Hitler’s War may find useful. I am thinking about a Naval variant so watch this space.

Click HitlersWarMapWhiteBorder for a reworked map in PDF (shown above) which was redrawn originally by Gary Krockover that I found at the Consim site. Apparently his goal was to produce a cleaned up digital map that was faithful to the original technicolor mapboard.

Here are the changes I made:

  1. Recast some of the colors to ones I felt were more moderate than the colorful versions made by Avalon Hill and Gary.
  2. I added several items to the map to avoid looking up information (small countries’ army strength points), and some are very minor like Gibralter fleet SP limit and Scapa Flow search bonus but I tended to forget about.
  3. I compacted some of the charts using common symbols.
  4. I made the Time Track for each nation with a summary of unique seasonal events.
  5. Finally, I added a large section of small print rules related to 3 topics: Map (national issues), Naval and Amphibious Invasions. I felt that these were the most complicated parts of the game that required a lot of consultations to the rulebook. By placing them to the side, a player that doesn’t want them can just print the map only or if they buy an 18×24″ map, they can cut the rules’ section off.

One last point. I made the map based on Campaign Game II so it may be confusing to use it for other scenarios.

I chose the 18×24″ size because there is a great source for inexpensive 18×24″ maps and posters called Short Run Posters ($2.97 plus shipping as of July 2012): click here. If you use this company, be sure to use the map in the first link above, it has a white border already. Be forewarned that if you use the file in the link below (with tan border) at Short Run Posters they will reduce the map from 18×24″ to 17×23 and that 94% reduction will make your .625″ hexes .59″ instead The first linked file above is set up 18×24″ with a 1/2″ border all around—just as they want it.

Other local printing options (that will probably cost more) might include Staples, FedEx Kinkos, a blueprint or sign shop. Some of these vendors can print edge to edge so if you want a file without the 1/2″ tan border, click HitlersWarMapTanBorder. Make sure that these vendors do not reduce the map or your hexes will be smaller than you might like and counters may not fit.

Thia is the tan border version. At the top of this post is the white border version.

Note: some browsers (like Firefox for Mac) seem to display the pdf as having different colors than seen on this page. I would suggest you open the map in Acrobat to check the colors more accurately.


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