Narvik Sea and Land

(Photo above) of Fletcher Pratt’s friends playing his Naval Wargame in 1938.

As of 3/22/15, I plan to make a Great Battles of WWII scenario for Narvik which will be in combination with General Quarters 3 rules for the naval portion. I may try a different approach of not a strictly historical approach. But rather I plan to give the players the option to X, Y or Z (rushed invasion ranging to deliberate with pluses/minuses to what might actually show up). Then matrix the two choices to see who actually shows up first, the British or Germans… and play it from there.

Maybe for the first playing, it would be easier to have it be historical. The advantage of the “what if” approach is that the game becomes less predictable.
¬†April 10, 1940, the first sea battle in Narvik’s fjord
I discuss some of the issues of setting up a campaign that runs longer than a few days’ battle at the CD:TOB forum here. I was planning to use a modified version of CD:TOB with Company Sabot Stands (with GBoWWII elements). Now my goal is to use GB “rules as written”.
Other possible resources:
  1. Mark Hinds’ GQ3 campaign
  2. A boardgame by Andrew Mulholland, Assault on Narvik which was a bonus mini-game from Against the Odds magazine
  3. Frank Chadwick’s Narvik, a Europa series boardgame
  4. has free GQ3 scenarios on different sea battles of the Narvik campaign (one must register)

Last photo of HMS Glorious before she was sunk

Note: General Quarters 3 plays very differently than the top picture. One need not guess the range on the assumption that each ship’s captain had staff and range finders for that.


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