GBoWWII Game Reference Chart, version 5

I made this chart with several goals in mind:

  1. Consolidate all the most important charts used in one page (with the additional night, dawn and explanatory items on a second page). The GB rules charts rambled over numerous pages and some seemed unclear to me.
  2. Put the charts in Turn Sequence order. That helps me keep the pace moving.
  3. Make the dice need consistently D20 instead of mixture of D10 and Percentile rolls required in the original rulebook.
  4. Make the rolls and modifiers consistent: pluses are bonuses and desired scores high, so minuses are penalties and low rolls bad.

Why do I call it version 5? I had made 2 other versions over a decade ago that only rambled a little less than the game’s original charts and other material including FAQ from sessions with the author, Bruce McFarlane. They are called version 3 and version 4. Be careful that some of the modifiers found in Version 4 (in dark blue) were variants that I made up and not in the original game rules.

If you already downloaded Version 5 before mid-April 2017, I found a small typo and lack of clarity in the Close Combat chart so you may want to download again or at least be aware.

Download Charts:

“IOS” version of GB Game Reference Charts, v5

This link is to an IOS version of my GBchart5_1column (my version 5 only). It is one super-long column so you could scroll through what is on the 2 “pages” (very skinny long pages!) No changes from my latest version 5 on an iPhone, iPad or similar.* The reason for the one column is so you don’t have to scroll both sideways and up/down. Just down through the turn sequence.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader app on your phone. For Mac move it over from your computer via iTunes.

*I am not familiar with the Windows, Android etc. procedure.

(This was added on 28FEB14 but moved to this URL. And slight typos corrected on all vesion 5 charts on May 2, 2017)

So that you do not need to “Z” scroll from side to side on a smart phone or iPad, this is a super long (3″ wide by 64″ tall) PDF file that you merely scroll up or down!

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