Agira, introductory scenario

Agira is the first scenario of the 1st book in the Great Battles of WWII series, Canadians at War. Not so large, it has a lot of play value and I think one could play several games with the action following different directions.

We played Agira at WinterWar in Champaign IL in January 2002. What was unusual was that we had 2 identical tables and so the sides were also competing against the same side, other game. Agira is the introductory scenario for the initial booklet of the Great Battles of World War II series called Canadians At War. The game is not just about Canadians though as other booklets have come out featuring other nationalities and periods of World War II.

If you have not chosen the Great Battles of WWII category at the left hand of the screen, you  may not have noticed that I produced a free eBook PDF of another, more recent Agira game that covered 4 “game days” over a longish playing session.

I ran duplicate Agira scenarios at WinterWar so that both sides were not just competing with the enemy but the other game’s player playing the same side. It might have been smarter to just do a double blind game which is always fun.
Another view of the two games, side by side.

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