ACW Scenarios

A quick note that Keith McNelly has posted new scenarios for Volley & Bayonet including an updated version of Greg Novak’s campaign game based on the boardgame A House Divided. In total (click here) he has 6 scenarios including the campaign game. He also has posts featuring after action reports, here. Advertisements

SCOW club near Montevideo

The 5.9″ gun from Graf Spee is shown above. In the monthly issue of “All Guns Blazing of the NAVAL WARGAMES SOCIETY, I post this mention to those wargamers of military history buffs thinking of visiting Uruguay by air or sea: Uruguay, SCOW, an acronym standing for Southern Cone Orientales Wargamers  Frequency: Games erupt, inquire to set one… Continue reading SCOW club near Montevideo

ICD Tractics Situations

Here are photos of various 1:87th scale miniature wargames we played from 1970-1974 using the Tractics ruleset. The main period was while we were in high school 1970-1972 and during that the games were almost weekly. Most (perhaps 70!) were planned scenarios, situations, as opposed to sort of thrown-together games (which we derisively called “slop… Continue reading ICD Tractics Situations