ICD, “Middle Earth”: Judges Guild’s precursors

This is about Judges Guild’s precursors and documents the early days of US wargaming: our local club fanzines, ICD News & A-Elim, 1970-1974 powered by teenage energy and an abundant lack of wisdom and Bob Bledsaw’s Middle Earth D&D Campaign 1974-1976. ICD ran officially from 1968-2011 and was variously known at Illinois Central Dictatorship, I… Continue reading ICD, “Middle Earth”: Judges Guild’s precursors


The photo is from my first Two Hour Wargames Nuts! game with my friend, Mark, we played while vacationing along the South Atlantic beach. You can see how I didn’t put much into terrain with 1:300 scale Dutch acting as buildings in 1:72nd scale! SCALE: NUTS! Final Version is 1-figure-per-soldier (or 1-model-per-tank) “skirmish” style ruleset.… Continue reading Nuts!

Index to Command Decision: Test of Battle

I acknowledge Kelly Armstrong who made this alphabetical compilation of CD:TOB’s first edition. He sent it to me February 5, 2010 and then Daniel Grumble advised some omissions and corrections May 22, 2017 on the CD:TOB Forum that have been incorporated in this edition available in this post. It is an MS Word file with… Continue reading Index to Command Decision: Test of Battle